Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Influenster #SuperMomVoxBox

SuperMomVoxBox from Influenster

 I received this Awesome SuperMomVoxBox complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes in return for my honest opinion on the products. This was so nice.

In the box were these awesome products. I really liked the Pilot Pens. The ink did not run, smudge. It wrote nicely and my grip on the pen didn't slip. I used the card that came with the pens to write a special note to someone very special who was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.
Cute card from Pilot to write a special note
#PilotAcroball #PowerToThePen

Next was a coupon for Daisy Sour cream Squeezable tube. Saved $1.99 when I purchased mine. I used mine to make steak fajita quesadilla. It was so good. Very easy to use and not in just a big glob like when just in the tub and get out with a spoon. I was able to cover the bottom of a taco too on Taco night.
#DollopofDaisy @DaisySourCream
Daisy Sour Cream Coupon

 The Plackers Flossers are definitely easier for kids or adults with smaller hands, also that do not have crowns maybe. The grip was nice and didn't slip when my kids used it. They liked them. I have a lot of dental work that is being completed, so at the time I could only try it for a portion of my mouth due to a temporary crown being in place. Decent at cleaning between teeth.
#Plackers #LoveAtFirstFloss

I absolutely loved the Palmolive Dish soap I tried. I had a plate that unfortunately I had found in my daughters room one day. So some stuff had dried on. I was very skeptical as if the Palmolive with baking soda would really be easy to get the stuck on food off. I was surprised at how easily it came off. I barely had to scrub at all. I will definitely be purchasing this item on a regular basis.
 Smells good too.
Stuck on food was no match for The PalmoliveFusion 

Suave PurelyFun was decent as a shampoo. The sprayer on the detangler stuck quite a bit when spraying the hair. My daughter has extremely tangled hair because I have to do what I call "Chase Battle" for shower/bath nights. Plus, she has really sensitive skin and even though most shampoo's say HypoAllergenic, they still make her cry and itch. I was happy that the PurelyFun 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner did very well and her skin did not get irritated. Any detanglers, really don't do great at detangling. However, it does seem this detangler was better than most. It didn't irritate her skin, and was almost as if it had a little bit of leave in conditioner too. Definitely a must for kids with sensitive skin. 

I clean houses from time to time, so between homemade cleaners, scrubbing homes, and sweating, some deodorants do not last long and I end up not smelling too great when I see my family. The Secret Outlast Xtend actually worked really well. I would like it to be just a deodorant because your body needs to sweat out toxins. Yes, even underarms need to sweat (I know a horrible concept for a lady). The sweet scent of the deodorant was nice and still lasted after 6 hours of cleaning. Even my oldest commented that I smelled nice when I picked them up. 


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